Yes, You Can Travel to Cuba!


You may no longer travel as an individual under the “People-to-People educational travel” category. In order to travel under this category, you must travel as part of an authorized group. Rico's Travel Cuba is licensed and authorized to plan travel under the 12 categories of travel. We specialize in creating the travel itinerary of your dreams! LEARN MORE

Flights & Private Air Travel?


Many commercial airlines fly directly to Havana from United States. These airlines include, Alaska, American, Delta, Southwest, United and JetBlue. Other airlines flying to Havana are Copa, Aeromexico, TACA, Cayman Airways, Avianca, Interjet and LATAM Airlines. Rico's Travel Cuba also specializes in private airplanes that can arrive from any airport in Florida and transport you to Cuba and back. This is the ultimate VIP Cuba experience. We have different size aircraft to accommodate the size of your group. Do you own a small private plane? We can arrange your arrival into Cuba, as well.

How Safe is Travel to Cuba?


Cuba is one of the safest destinations for travelers! Cuba’s growing tourism industry is now a vital part of its economy and a major source of income. Cubans are extremely welcoming to foreigners, and Cuba’s government goes to great lengths to ensure tourist safety! Rico's Travel Cuba can answer all your questions about traveling to Cuba.

Getting Around?


Once you arrive in Cuba, just focus on soaking up the views and living in the moment. Rico's Travel Cuba includes transportation to and from the airport, and daily as planned with your itinerary. Never worry about getting around. Rico's Travel also provides you with a tour guide who can provide cultural insights, local experiences, help navigate the island, and to assist you with any change of program or last-minute issues while in Cuba.  

Cuba - Your Dream Destination


Cuba will change your life with its wonderful people and raw beauty. Immerse yourself in Cuban culture -- the incredible art, infectious music and dance, and the stunning architecture. Indulge in the amazing food at local restaurants. The forbidden land, inaccessible to America for over 50 years, is just a short flight away, and you are transported back in time. Hop into a classic car from the 1950s and experience the indefinable magic of this forbidden land. The diverse culture and kindness of the Cuban people make an unforgettable experience.

Fishing Tournaments?


Rico's Travel offers complete Fishing Tournament Packages with a full week of program, including customized tours and authentic local experiences! You will be fishing in some of the most beautiful waters in the Caribbean, as Rico's Travel Cuba welcomes you at right at the port. In addition to sailing competitions and fishing tournaments, Rico’s Travel will assist you in taking your boat to Cuba, under one of the 12 categories of travel. Contact Us Today!

Additional Questions?

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